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About Design Ilon Wikland AB
Design Ilon Wikland AB works to preserve and develop Ilon Wikland’s work and art. The company is today run by daughters Anna Wikland, Birgitta Wikland, Helene Wikland and Fredrika Wikland. Design Ilon Wikland AB works together with the licensing agency Rights & Brands to develop the brand and spread Ilon’s work in various forms, from books to licensed products around the world.

General questions
If you have any questions regarding Ilon Wikland or her work, feel free to contact us at

Licensing and collaborations
For any inquiries regarding licensing or other collaborations, contact or or visit

Social media
For regular updates and inspiring images, follow Ilons instagram account: @ilonwikland and the official Facebook page here.

Ilon Wikland’s Foundation for Children’s Culture
Ilon Wikland’s Foundation for Children’s Culture aims to promote children’s creative development. The promotion takes place through the distribution of financial contributions to activities in, for example, dance, theatre, music, drawing and painting primarily in Sweden and Estonia. The foundation’s board decides on the distribution. So far, the Estonian school in Stockholm has received SEK 100,000 for students’ artistic activities, Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg has also received SEK 100,000 for the establishment of an “Artotek” in the name of Ilon Wikland, and five children’s book illustrators have received SEK 20,000 each for participating at Bologna Children’s Book Fair.