Ilon’s Wonderland

Ilon’s Wonderland is a theme center for children and families. The Wonderland is located in Haapsalu, Estonia, and features the largest collection of original artworks by Ilon Wikland.

In 2004 Ilon Wikland donated 800 of her book illustrations to the Estonian government. Two years later “Ilons Wonderland” opened in Haapsalu, very close to what used to be her grandmother’s house and where she lived for a long time during her childhood. The three-story building is open from September to April; it has a gallery, a cinema and an exhibition hall, Karlsson’s Room, Ilon’s Kitchen and a playroom, where workshops and thematic events take place.

From May to August, the Wonderland courtyard is also open; it has Mattias’s cottage and a handicrafts workshop where you can make many exciting items yourself. In the courtyard, you can try your hand at target throwing, stilt-walking, fishing, acting and sandbox games. Visit Salm for more info.



Junibacken is a theme park and culture center for children located in Stockholm, Sweden, that features several of Astrid Lindgren’s and Ilon Wikland’s characters.

Get on the Story Train and dive straight into the magical world between the pages of books. You’ll meet Madicken, Karlsson on the Roof and others on an enchanting journey between the stories and fairytales in the Swedish summer and the roaring Karma Falls. 

Junibacken is also one of the largest producers of children’s theatre in the country, putting on over 1,500 performances per year. They also have an impressive shop with a huge assortment of children’s books and products. Read more at Junibacken.


Astrid Lindgren’s World

Astrid Lindgren’s World is located in Vimmerby, Sweden. In this adventure park, Astrid Lindgren’s and Ilon Wikland’s characters come to life. Children can bump into their favorite characters, who previously only existed in books, at any time. The settings in the park are taken from the stories about Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, Madicken, The Brothers Lionheart and more. 

The park is over 180 000 square meters big and has more than 500 000 visitors every year, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden. The Astrid Lindgren Store also holds a large assortment of products with the characters, both online and in the park. Visit Astrid Lindgrens värld for more info.