Rebel Walls’ new premium wallpaper collection with Ilon Wikland’s lively art

Decorate your home with Rebel Walls’ new premium wallpaper collection featuring Ilon Wikland’s whimsical and lively art. This collaboration brings the enchanting world of Ilon Wikland’s original artwork to your walls, creating extraordinary spaces with premium bespoke wallpaper designs.

Rebel Walls is a one-of-a-kind wallpaper company that always strives to achieve extraordinary spaces through premium wallpaper designs. In this new collaboration, Rebel Walls presents five different premium wallpaper designs with Ilon Wikland’s original artwork. The designs include: ”Backwood Birds”, ”Friendly Town”, ”Home Forest”, ”Forest Memories” and “Rabbit Family”.

“Friendly Town”.

Ilon Wikland’s attention to the smaller things in life comes through in her illustrations with intricate details and personalities. A way of conveying emotions that sets her apart from others. Wikland found her sources of inspiration everywhere in life – at the marketplace or at home with her four daughters.

Ilon Wikland has been an incredibly productive artist and in 2008 she donated over 800 illustrations to Ilon’s Wonderland, a gallery and theme center for children and families.

Green chair with books and wallpaper with birds in the background

The design “Backwood Birds” is available in four different color variations.

“Home Forest” draws inspiration from the woods of Estonia, where Ilon Wikland spent her formative years.

“Forest Memories” is an artistic illustration in black and white, also inspired by Ilon Wikland’s childhood forests in Hapsal, Estonia.

“Rabbit Family” 

The Rebel Walls Ilon Wikland collection is available at