The work of Ilon

The work of Ilon From "Sammeli, Epp and I" 1997 THE ARTIST The work of Ilon Ilon Wikland is a versatile artist whose pictures span a wide range, from the safe idyll on Troublemaker Street to the breathtaking black depths at the Karma Falls in The Brothers Lionheart. Generations of children around the world have ... Read more

The story of Ilon

The story of Ilon Photo: Lennart Edling THE STORY Introduction Ilon Wikland is one of Sweden's most popular illustrators of children's books. Strangely enough, Wikland is rather unknown to the general public, despite the fact that she illustrated the beloved figures in the majority of Astrid Lindgren's most-read books. Ilon Wikland is a versatile artist ... Read more